You’re Wazing Me Crazy!

You're Wazing Me Crazy


 This week is No Death Talk Saturday,  and we had a hard time with that.  


  • Malcolm Young of AC/DC is put in nursing home for dementia
  • Rorschach got his quote on Harmontown movie advertisement
  • Waze traffic app goes against all rules about texting & driving - however, you could get a blowjob in traffic. You're Wazing Me Crazy!
  • @BunnyKickButt calls in to talk about bunnies
  • @LadyTrucker calls in & we discuss the 37,000 lbs of rotting chicken left at a truck stop in Montana
  • Calf born outside Pittsburgh with a #7 on his head named Ben after Ben Roethlisberger.  This is a SIGN!  The Steelers are gonig to win the Super Bowl
  • Japanese hikers caught volcano erupting on video - Worst video ever (see below)

 御嶽山 大噴火



Three Is A Magic Number

Three Is A Magic Number


Hollz was back today and we had a blast! Doc Wheatley of The Shy Kids joined us for a bit, Three Is A Magic Number

Show Rundown:

  •  Hollz talks about the misadventure with her cat Oliver and his trip to the emergency vet this week.  
  • There was a crazy man who destroyed Hollz's office sign and it brings up the origins of the house and the revelation that her office may be haunted.
  • An old picture of a ghost brings up memories for Rorschach and it turns out the ghost isn't a ghost.. its a demon from hell.  Actually it is a preying mantis, which if you didn't know, aren't illegal to kill. Growing up in Alabama, the children were forced to read a book called 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey
  •  The Satanic Temple has responded to an Orange County, Florida decision to disseminate religious materials in public school by creating complementary materials that espouse the philosophy and practice of Satanism. The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities is actually a pretty cool activity book, except they are giving Damien a bad name.  Click the link to check it out. 
  • Doc Wheatley calls in to tell his own personal ghost story
  • It's  been a little over 1 year since NarcZito’s brain tumor surgery and he is doing great!! Had his MRI this week and he is still stable.  He is starting another round of chemo, I think he has to do it forever.
    Andy reveals the real reason why he couldn't make it to the Narc Zito benefit and it's all Jimmy Fallon's fault
  • Selfies: The Downfall of Society - Joan Rivers' doctor is in huge trouble.  He is accused of taking a selfie with Joan while she was passed out on anesthesia prior to her botched throat biopsy.
  • BINGEWATCH OF THE WEEK:  Blacklist - Why didn't we hear about this show when it was on last season??  This week it was on the front page of Netflix and it seems like everyone discovered it and love it. James Spader is AMAZING!!!

*Of note - after the show was over, Rorschach, Doc & Hollz continued the show off air and Schoolhouse Rock Three Is A Magic  Number came up.  The Del La Soul cover of Three Is A Magic Number is really good!

De La Soul The Magic Number

 Schoolhouse Rock - Three Is A Magic Number

Destiny – Rorschach’s 3rd Solo Show

destiny - rorschach's 3rd solo show


 Hollz was on vacation water camping  in the San Juan Islands so it was Destiny - Rorschach's 3RD Solo Show

Show Rundown:

- Rorschach talks about Hollz's dogs and how spoiled they are. Monster refused to pee on the pad on the boat so Mike had to row him ashore so he could do his business.

- Hollz calls in from the boat and talks about domestic violence in the wake of the leak of the Ray Rice elevator video.

- Rorschach laments with Doc Wheatley the disaster of the DESTINY game.

- Rorschach talks about Burger King's Black Cheeseburger


Juliana Hatfield - Spin the Bottle by jesus_lizard






- Rorschach's kitten was catnapped by his neighbors
- Hollz & Mike went to dinner with Canadian Steve
- More serial killer talk
- Joe Conte & BunnyKickbutt debate the celebrity nude photo leak
- Seattle woman who claims cyber harrassment has been on the news before

Incest and Roller Coasters

Batman Roller Coaster


Today we jumped around a lot, we talked about everything including Incest and Roller Coasters. Hollz did show prep and we didn't even get to all of our notes.

Show Rundown:

Batman The Ride Roller Coaster B-Roll & POV Shots Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2015

Back on the Booze

Tito's Vodka


- Rorschach's long time sinus issues are because  he's allergic to beer, so now he's drinking Tito's Vodka
- Sully chimes in the chat room and ridicules Rorschach for his Angry Birds score
- Doc Wheatley and Rorschach announce their new podcast about Doctor Who. 
 - Joe Conte calls in and we talk about Grease 2
- Asians love gambling

Pringles Dick

Pringles Dick


Show Rundown: 

Rorschach introduces us to his new favorite song Pringles Dick.  Pringles talk: the dangers of the old school Pringles can.

True life Purge??  Stupid people are taking the Purge movie to the next level.  Coming to a city near you.  

Brother video bombs sister's horrible karaoke performance to Smack That 
We plug the hell out of the Shy Kids live show. The Shy Kids are LIVE today for their 1 year anniversary and Corey will be debuting one of the artists from his record label Arcadian Records - Jeff Martin.  Follow Jeff on Twitter @jefemartin25  Also go to Facebook and Like Corey’s label Arcadian Records.
Recreational pot store is opening across the street from Hollz's work, right in between the tattoo shop , the smoke beer & wine store & the vape store/lounge.
Rorschach is convinced that Sully from The Sully Show faked the ice bucket challenge and he is cheating at Angry Birds friends.  the ALS Ice bucket Challenge is getting really good now that famous people are getting into it.  Ricky Gervais & Kevin Hart are funny.  Phoenix Coyotes Paul Bisonnette is the best so far, he had glacier water dumped on him from a helicopter.  
Selfies = the downfall of society. Couple taking a selfie falls off cliff.

Harmontown | Pringles Dick


Smack that- ORIGINAL! (Little brother video bombs sister)



More Like Radio It's All About Me


 We were honored to be the MLR Live 2 Preshow today and we had a BLAST!!  There were some technical difficulties during the first 7 1/2 minutes so you can skip over that. Thankfully Mitch was able to jump in to save the day. 


We talk to a bunch of people who are at the MLR Live 2 event and Rorschach makes a new friend.  Punchy called from Just Jake's and passed the phone around. We got to talk to Judge from 360 on 420 and Ashleigh from Anti Social Gamer Radio.  We even got a call later on in the show from Marie Lopez of Hippo Juice fame and, of course, one of the station owners.

Rorschach is accosted by some angry Jehovah Witnesses.  During break, Rorschach was rudely interrupted by a Jehovah's Witness pounding on his door.  

Cory and Doc call in from The Shy Kids show and make a HUGE announcement. You have to listen to find out what it is.

Danny Glover and Morgan Freeman call in and talk acting and racism.

More Piss Bucket talk, why the obsession with Rorschach's bathroom habits!

The show comes to a halt when Hollz, Cory, Doc and Rorschach get sidetracked by a car crash GIF posted by  No Schtick Zone in chat.

 Car Crash GIF

Car Crash GIF

RIP Ethel

Shark Cat  - RIP Ethel


 Hollz & Rorschach were back together this week and starting off August with a Bang!  RIP Ethel


Rorschach talks about Ethel's passing.  She is back home with him now.  Hollz tries to talk him into moving to Seattle.

Joe Conte called in and threatened violence against Rorschach for his hatred of Pink Floyd.

Hollz talks about her experience last weekend cutting down the blackberry bushes in her yard and how she was attacked by chiggers.  I SAID CHIGGERS!!!

Is Selfie taking is a mental disease?  A Russian soldier gets busted in Ukraine territory because of his selfie addiction and a teen in the UK attempts suicide because he couldn't take the perfect selfie.

 Big A called in and talked about the new Anthony Cumia show starting this week and gives us the behind the scenes scoop about filming promos for the show. 


Cat in Shark Suit Chases Ducking On Roomba(with musical score)


Hollz Solo Show

Hollz Solo Show - Meth Lake


Rorschach couldn't be there so it was Hollz Solo Show.  Ethel had to be rushed to the hospital Friday night because she was in distress. It turned out that a urinary tract infection that she was being treated for with antibiotics at the assisted living home had gotten out of control and her blood was infected and she was septic.  Shortly after the show we learned that Ethel has passed.  It's a very sad day for Rorschach and all of his Twitter and Facebook friends have been so supportive.  Ethel will be deeply missed.  Rorschach is having her cremated and will bring her back home because that's where she wanted to be.

Show Highlights:

Hollz updates everyone on her search for her murdered friend's missing cats.  The good news is that one of the casts Romeo was found inside the house, he had gotten back in through the dog door and the Murderer's son crawled through the dog door and got him.  He is safely back home in Texas with Nancy's ex-husband and step kids. Berringer is still missing somewhere around Meth Lake.

Rorschach calls with an update on Ethel,  but they were interrupted when Bobo called in to talk about him getting to throw out the first pitch at a Brooklyn Cyclones game. We also talk a little about the @beaviscumia scandal and the Anthony Cumia Show

 Greenway calls in to save Hollz from a total meltdown.  They talk about a possible Hooter & Greenway reunion with Punchy & Joe Colletta and other More Like Radio stuff.  Joe Conte called and we got to talk a little about his new radio gig with Bob Levy & Stacey Prussman, Ears Wide Open