Four B’s of Radio

Four B's of Radio 11/22/2014


 Hollz & Rorschach discuss the Four B's of Radio today.  Chat was packed as usual and we had a few new listeners.  @NoSchtickZone was on the road today so FletcherSucks filled in as chat producer.

Show Rundown:

  • Rorschach stole someones cat.  Daisy was found by a friend of a friend and gave it to Rorschach, however, he has only seen her twice.
  • @LadyTrucker called in to tell us about how an eagle nest that fell out of a tree was filled with cat collars.
  • JT Hollis from The Sully Show calls to promote his latest release Four  B's of the Rodeo. Vote for JT's song so we can get him to #1. VOTE!
  • The Piss Bucket is no more...until Rorschach buys a new one.
  • Rorschach is getting a tattoo and @JoeConte calls to weigh in on the subject and tries to help him with his other problems.


Good For Your Body

Good For Your Body - Desperately Seeking Shemale Hollz Rorschach


Back after Rorschach's day off and we had a stellar show!  The chat was packed and thank you to everyone that joined us live. If you haven't listened live please do, it's good for your body. 

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Show Rundown: 

Halloween Show

Halloween Show - It's All About Me Hollz N Rorschach


Today was our Halloween Show and Rorschach created an amazingly scary intro for us today.  Hollz had a ton of Trick or Treaters at her house, Rorschach had none, but ordered 4 Dominos Pizza just in case. The phones were lit up today and it was great getting to talk to our budday's. 

We had another packed chat today and thank you everyone that hung out with us. 

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Halloween Show Rundown:

  • Big A calls in to talk about the Compound Halloween Party.  
  • BunnyKickButt calls to discuss voting to legalize medical marijuana in Florida
  • QueenElisabeth calls to discuss the Reddit feed made about her hatred of Fez. It's amazing that people who go on Reddit only to bash Ron & Fez are opposed to Queen's issues with Fez. 
  • Wilbur "Popcorn" Dickinson calls and tells us how he got his nickname "Popcorn" while working for Orville Redenbacher back "in the day" when he was their top salesman of their single serve bags.
  • Rorschach's horrible 1st & only haunted house experience. Circa 1979-1980 he went to a Jaycee's haunted house and vomited on everyone and then passed out.
  • McKamey Manor is the worst haunted house EVER.  It lasts four to seven hours and starts with participants being kidnapped, bound, gagged with duct tape, covered in blood and stuffed into bloody ice chests. 
  • Hollz & Rorschach talk about their favorite horror movies & Doc Wheatley calls to play Horrorgories. Circa 1973-1974, Hollz's dad introduced her to the horror genre by making her watch  The Birds, Psycho & Chiller Theater

The Cramps - Strychnine


Yinz Off

Pittsburghese Yinz Off


This week on It's All About  Me, Hollz & Rorschach celebrate Pittsburgh being voted as having the Ugliest Accent in America, according to a poll on Gawker, by holding a Yinz Off.  The only other person on Twitter that Hollz knows from Pittsburgh is @Natkubichar so she calls in to see if her accent is worse than Hollz's. We had a crash course in Pittsburghese and it was a learning experience for all the listeners.  Nat & Hollz both agreed that they were devastated when Jaromir Jagr cut off his mullet and that the best pizza in Pittsburgh is Fiori's.  The listeners voted and Nat was the winner, but she did have an advantage since she lives there. 


  • Hollz is feeling better after her bout with Ebola, although she sounds like crap.
  • The latest school shooting happened down the road from Hollz's house. She gets the inside scoop from the kid working at Papa Murphy's, not even CNN has this exclusive!
  • Chelsea Handler's new Neflix special Uganda Be Kidding Me is HILARIOUS!!  If for nothing else, watch it for the most epic shit story ever.
  • Primanti Brothers will now be shipping their sandwiches nationwide. It may not taste the same as getting it in the Strip District, but you'll get the general idea. Primanti Bros.’ sandwiches have been a staple in Pittsburgh since Joe Primanti started selling them from a cart to truck drivers and early-morning workers over 80 years ago. This sandwich is piled high with your choice of meat, tangy coleslaw, crispy french fries and melted cheese.
  • TLC cancels Honey Boo Boo after it comes out that June, is dating a child molester.  She is the definition of white trash.  It was then revealed that her oldest daughter was, in fact, the child he molested. DISGUSTING!!!

 How to properly make a Primanti Brother's Sandwich


Congratulations Will

Congratulations Will - Hollz n Rorschach


This week on It's All About Me, Hollz n Rorschach muddled through.  Hollz was getting sick & Rorschach was mad because he wanted a day off.  We couldn't take a day off because it was the 1 year anniversary of the Cancer Sucks benefit for our friend Will who is battling brain cancer.  Congratulations Will for his miraculous recovery.  Although he will always have it, he is currently stable and finished with chemotherapy.

Show Rundown:

  • Patty aka Angels Gal aka Peppermint Patty called Hollz. She found the show number.  She wanted everyone to know that she misses them.  Her sister was paying for her cell phone and decided not to any more. She's sad because she can't listen to any of her podcasts any more and can't talk to people on Twitter. 

  • Hollz brags about her call to Ron & Fez for the 1 year anniversary of Fez wearing the shirt that Shrekkalove bought for him.  Last year when Hollz, Lizsetsfire & Shrekkalove got to visit Ron & Fez in studio last year the day before the benefit and Shrekkalove gave Fez the infamous "Gay Shirt". Who knew it would become a year long bit.

  • Ebola talk - Clorox is making a killing off of Ebola.  

  • Will and Eda call in to talk to us about his miraculous recovery and reminisce about last years benefit. Congratulations Will. Queenelisabeth asks what they think about the woman, Brittany Maynard in Oregon that is killing herself because of her brain tumor to avoid the suffering. Rorschach throws in his conspiracy that maybe there is a cancer cluster in Will's neighborhood.

  • Nurse Accused Of Killing 38 Patients She Found Annoying. Not only did she murder these patients, she would then take selfies with their dead bodies!

  • Doc Wheatley calls in and takes us to the end of the show with miscellaneous banter.

Comic Con Who?

Comic Con Who? Foggy Otis Hollz N Rorschach


We had the best show today!! So much fun hanging out with our budday's. The chat was packed and we had lots of calls. The question of the day: Comic Con Who?

Thanks to everyone that was in chat today:      @shykidscorey  @cosmicpsyhco @jimmyolsenblues @BadBeavis @kenny_Deli @FoggyOtis

Show Rundown:

  • Hollz gives us the update on sweet angel Oliver and his tooth problems which sent Hollz into the poor house. Oliver is indifferent to Hollz's financial problems and mocks her lack of money.

  • Punchy calls in and Hollz and Rorschach talk about Comic Con. We also talk about the problem of cos play touchers at Comic Con. Comic Con Who?

  • Foggy Otis calls in and we get the "Exclusive" premier of his new song "I'm A Fool"!   Foggy  is also in a contest to win a $2,000 custom built ukulele. The winner is announced November 4 so go to the You Tube video below and click "LIKE" and leave a nice comment if you wish.  Also let the nice folks at Mya Moe Ukuleles (@MyaMoeUkuleles) know who much we LOVE Foggy. He also did a song for Tok's YouTube series CallBacks.  If you  haven't checked out Callbacks, please do because it is really funny.

  •  The Who announce their  50th Anniversary tour. The tickets are on sale and the Seattle date isn't untl next September.  Would you by tickets a year in advance to see The Who?

  •  Our good friend Toks Olagundoye will recur in a new Amazon Studios series  'Salem Rogers: Model of the Year, 1998'. Toks will play Hookah Cartwright, a beautiful but evil model-turned agent who was Salem's adversary during their modeling days. Now she works at the same agency as Salem's former agent and is "looking forward to watching Salem crash and burn again."

  • Big A calls in and gives us the exclusive on his attendance of the Bobby Lee  show at Levity Live. Big A talks about the lap dance he received from Bobby Lee and the fact that he was more well known than Bobby Lee at the show. 

  • @BunnyKickButt's niece LINSEY TOOLE is in a Coor Light / NASCAR contest Search For The Next Miss Coors Light.  Please vote for her! 

For links to all of the stories the pictures that were posted in the chat, go to our Facebook or Pinterest pages.  Just click and follow us!

Mya Moe Owner Video Contest @FoggyOtis -- "What To Expect When You're Expecting Your New Mya-Moe Ukulele"

Never A Dull Moment- The 'Callbacks' Cut


Burnin Dahn Da Haus

Burnin Dahn Da Haus


We had 4 pages of notes but got to none of them and here is why. We never even got to the story about the woman who jumped from a 3rd floor balcony and broke her arm, both legs & knocked all of her teeth out. 


  • Rorschach had another snake encounter in his house while recording his Two Fat Dalek's podcast with  Doc Wheatly

  • Lady Trucker called in and her and Hollz talked about the new miracle drug that cured her hot flashes.

  • Big A called in and talked about the rare Otto & George Limited Edition T-shirt.  You can get one at Laugh Dome Records.  Just prior to Otto's passing, he designed this tee shirt to be sold at shows.  This is a collector's item as there were only a few made.  The proceeds of the sale of the shirt go to Otto's family.

  • Big A also talked about his exciting trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and getting to meet Penn & Teller and Andrew Dice Clay.

  • Hollz and Rorschach discussed the age old debate - Van Halen vs. Van Hagar.

  • Took a stroll down memory lane and talked about Hollz in the 1980's living in Pittsburgh and her band years.

  • Rorschach is obsessed with Dan Harmon and the Harmontown documentary.

  • Rorschach is also obsessed with the two hot teachers in Louisiana who had a threesome with a student.

  • We touched on the latest news in the Tracy Morgan v. Walmart case and the New Jersey Seat Belt Defense.

Talking Heads-Burnin Dahn Da Haus



You’re Wazing Me Crazy!

You're Wazing Me Crazy


 This week is No Death Talk Saturday,  and we had a hard time with that.  


  • Malcolm Young of AC/DC is put in nursing home for dementia
  • Rorschach got his quote on Harmontown movie advertisement
  • Waze traffic app goes against all rules about texting & driving - however, you could get a blowjob in traffic. You're Wazing Me Crazy!
  • @BunnyKickButt calls in to talk about bunnies
  • @LadyTrucker calls in & we discuss the 37,000 lbs of rotting chicken left at a truck stop in Montana
  • Calf born outside Pittsburgh with a #7 on his head named Ben after Ben Roethlisberger.  This is a SIGN!  The Steelers are gonig to win the Super Bowl
  • Japanese hikers caught volcano erupting on video - Worst video ever (see below)

 御嶽山 大噴火



Three Is A Magic Number

Three Is A Magic Number


Hollz was back today and we had a blast! Doc Wheatley of The Shy Kids joined us for a bit, Three Is A Magic Number

Show Rundown:

  •  Hollz talks about the misadventure with her cat Oliver and his trip to the emergency vet this week.  
  • There was a crazy man who destroyed Hollz's office sign and it brings up the origins of the house and the revelation that her office may be haunted.
  • An old picture of a ghost brings up memories for Rorschach and it turns out the ghost isn't a ghost.. its a demon from hell.  Actually it is a preying mantis, which if you didn't know, aren't illegal to kill. Growing up in Alabama, the children were forced to read a book called 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey
  •  The Satanic Temple has responded to an Orange County, Florida decision to disseminate religious materials in public school by creating complementary materials that espouse the philosophy and practice of Satanism. The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities is actually a pretty cool activity book, except they are giving Damien a bad name.  Click the link to check it out. 
  • Doc Wheatley calls in to tell his own personal ghost story
  • It's  been a little over 1 year since NarcZito’s brain tumor surgery and he is doing great!! Had his MRI this week and he is still stable.  He is starting another round of chemo, I think he has to do it forever.
    Andy reveals the real reason why he couldn't make it to the Narc Zito benefit and it's all Jimmy Fallon's fault
  • Selfies: The Downfall of Society - Joan Rivers' doctor is in huge trouble.  He is accused of taking a selfie with Joan while she was passed out on anesthesia prior to her botched throat biopsy.
  • BINGEWATCH OF THE WEEK:  Blacklist - Why didn't we hear about this show when it was on last season??  This week it was on the front page of Netflix and it seems like everyone discovered it and love it. James Spader is AMAZING!!!

*Of note - after the show was over, Rorschach, Doc & Hollz continued the show off air and Schoolhouse Rock Three Is A Magic  Number came up.  The Del La Soul cover of Three Is A Magic Number is really good!

De La Soul The Magic Number

 Schoolhouse Rock - Three Is A Magic Number

Destiny – Rorschach’s 3rd Solo Show

destiny - rorschach's 3rd solo show


 Hollz was on vacation water camping  in the San Juan Islands so it was Destiny - Rorschach's 3RD Solo Show

Show Rundown:

- Rorschach talks about Hollz's dogs and how spoiled they are. Monster refused to pee on the pad on the boat so Mike had to row him ashore so he could do his business.

- Hollz calls in from the boat and talks about domestic violence in the wake of the leak of the Ray Rice elevator video.

- Rorschach laments with Doc Wheatley the disaster of the DESTINY game.

- Rorschach talks about Burger King's Black Cheeseburger


Juliana Hatfield - Spin the Bottle by jesus_lizard