Happy 1st Anniversary!


Holly and Rorschach had an AMAZING show today! It is our ONE year Anniversary and we had a blast!

- Joe Conte called in and we talked about the passing of Otto Peterson

- Holly and Andy reminisced about stuff that happened on the show over the past year

- We had some great callers…Bobo, Gary Cantrell from The Shoot, Canadian Steve, Lady Trucker and Peppermint Patty all called in to wish us happy anniversary

- BunnyKickButt called in and her and Andy talked about weird animals they had eaten and pizza


We’re Turning Japanese


Sully from The Sully Show, heard Sunday Noon to 2 on More Like Radio, sat in with us today and he picked a great week because Andy’s internet was being stupid.  It was a busy week for phone calls too.

  • Joe Conte and Queenelisabeth  called to weigh in on Yankee Candle’s “Man Candles” line and how much we hate man caves.
  • Bobo and LadyTrucker called in to say Hi
  • Can you name all the people saying “Get The Fuck Out” in our montage?
  • We touched on Coachella and talked about the hottest new metal band from Japan, Babymetal
  • The Japanese aren’t having sex, but celebrate the penis with a  yearly festival
  • Arnold Palmer shit on the green while playing  a golf tournament in Japan

Shamalama Ding Dong

  • We talked about Grumpy Cat and his everlasting impact on society and Doc Wheatly from The Shy Kids called in too!
  • BunnyKickButt called in and discussed her call in to the Ron and Fez show and her dog stole her french fries!
  • CanadianSteve called in to assure us he still listens.
  • Rorschach has a Bane mask.
  • We discussed Satan metal…Game of Thrones…Cronuts Infested…Pawnsylvania…and a gruesome chainsaw accident!

Bossy Bane Cat

Bane Cat

We had a great show today.. our main girl Holly was back and it was amazing!

  • We talked about our weeks and Holly’s surgery 
  • Joe Conte from Conte and Kenny called in and talked about rock and roll and satan.
  •  Andy has alien problems… and Italian problems
  •  Queen Elisabeth called in with a spooky coincidence on her birthday!
  •  We bring the show down with depressing topics.

The Doctor Is In


Hollz was off this week so Doc Wheatley co-hosted with Rorschach.  Finally Rorschach got to talk to someone about stuff he likes, video games, Harry Potter, Dr. Who and other nerd stuff.  They discuss what might have happened to the missing Malaysian plane and conclude that Bitcoin must be involved. They answer the question on everyone’s mind, why do both Rorschach & Doc wear yachting hats.  Doc explains to Rorschach who Jeffery Gurian is and they discuss Ron & Fez’s move to Raw Dog.


Adam Lambert Uses Bitcoin


Adam Lambert touring as frontman for Queen, everyone is disgusted by this.  Freddy Mercury was the band!!!  Andy is afraid to talk about Bitcoin.  Our Budday @directorshasta hangs out to talk about theater and Danny Glover’s preparing for new role in Slingblade remake. We talked to Lady Trucker & Queenelisabeth about this week on Ron & Fez.  Queenelisabeth finally started watching Downton Abbey.


Happy Mardi Gras


Hollz had a King Cake delivered to Rorschach & Ethel for Fat Tuesday. Mississippi man came back to life inside body bag at the funeral home. Alabama couple finds out jug they bought at junk store depicting a black man in servant’s attire that looks like Scatman Carothers in the Shining, is worth $100,000. 72 year old teacher caught masturbating furiously in hallway & man masturbates with Domino’s Pizza — There is a running theme here somewhere.

@EdRooney_ joined us to talk food. His pictures on Twitter of his homemade Italian creations are mouthwatering. @MyApaulogies calls in to break Ed’s balls and stays the remainder of the show. We had a blast.


There’s a Mouse in My House


Today was the big reveal of our new logo for the show.  @DeepfriedNeil, the creator, joined us to talk about it.  Rorschach’s latest problem is that his house is being over run by mice since his cat was killed by the dogs that ate his pipes under the house. It was Kurt Cobain’s birthday this week and we talked about his hometown in Aberdeen, WA making it an official holiday.  We talked to Lady Trucker and Hollz brings down the mood when she tells everyone about the doctor appointment she had this week.


Third Time’s A Charm

Hee Haw

As usual, we had some technical difficulties at the start of the show, but we overcame and had a wonderful time. Rorschach was back after his two week hiatus and filled us in on his run of bad luck he’s been having.  The chat room was packed and our friends Big A, Bobo and Lady Trucker all called in.  Our topics of discussion ranged from our hate of Valentine’s Day, the new Muslim comic book character, Luther is a great TV show, we learn that Rorschach’s distant relative was married to Shirley Temple and his dad attended a taping of Hee Haw in Nashville. As I’m sure you can imagine, we had a real hoot!


Congratulations Marie & Royce!!!


Andy has the swine flu so he couldn’t be with us today. Scrambler joined Hollz for the 2nd week in a row and they had a fantastic show as usual.  @Gopackjo called in from Sochi to report on the Olympics and Hollz tries to persuade him to bring her home a stray puppy, we discussed Twitter trolls with Joe Conte and Punchy calls in from Orlando to give us the scoop on the Royce & Marie pre-wedding events.